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Dock Media

Dock Media by EKlecticCore is designed to be a minimalistic yet full-featured media player with an emphasis on displaying embedded art and "side-car" image files.


Mac users: click the file ending with DMG (app is codesigned)

Windows users: click the file ending with EXE

Dock Media Install_1_0_132_64bit.dmg (11.7Mb)
Dock Media Setup_1_0_132_64bit.exe (13.8Mb)

Example screen shot (not an endorsement):

Features overview:

  • Works on both Mac and Windows.
  • Plays both audio and video files.
  • For audio files, embedded (ID3) album art and side-car images can be displayed during playback.
    • Multiple images are faded like a slideshow during audio playback.
    • Rotation and fade speeds are configurable
  • For video files, keyboard shortcuts allow for:
    • Jump forward 10 seconds
    • Jump back 10 seconds
    • Paused video step forward 1 frame at a time (60fps)
    • Paused video step back 1 frame at a time (60fps)
  • Mouse-wheel volume and position controls can be enabled.
  • Drag-and-drop any media file, folder, or M3U playlist onto the main player window.
    • Or, use menu option File -> Open to load a media file or playlist.
  • Use menu option File -> Save to save current song list as an M3U playlist.