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EKlecticCoreV4™ Current Releases

Build 16d81d:

  • Enhancements to Trending Entries indicator.

Build 16d81a:

  • Enhancements to TrendLines indicator.

Build 16d816:

  • Added Auto Switching Strategy to package.
  • Split AngleAndSeparation into two separate/independent indicators.

Build 16d80b:

  • Enhancements to EKV4MACD indicator.
  • Universal Strategy enhancement.

Build 16c8a5:

  • Current Trend indicator enhanced to include ParabolicSAR entries and exits.

Build 16c8a4:

  • News Events enhanced to include NYSE Open/Close.

Build 16c8a3:

  • Licensing interface migrated to NTWindow.
  • Back-end enhancement to include customer messages on licensing screen (e.g. "package update available," etc.)

Build 16b8a2:

  • Bands indicator improvements.
  • Added Bands indicator to Universal Strategy.

Build 16b8a1:

  • Added Auto Calc Ticks indicator.
  • Added options "Ticks To Add To Profit/Stop" to Advanced Trading strategy settings.
  • Enhanced strategy commissions to automatically calculate when commission profile is configured.

Build 16f71f:

  • MPP Indicator enhancements:
    • Capped percentages to maintain indicator proportions.
    • Added new "Display Smooth Value".
    • Updated documentation.
  • Enhanced licensing to allow for automatic inclusion of newly released indicators.

Build 16e71e:

  • Added new VWAP indicator.
  • Fixed annoyance: "index error" reported to Output window.

Build 16c71d:

  • Improved user settings on WaveGRaB, Trend Lines, and a few other indicators.

Build 16a71b-c:

  • Added certain references to exported assembly.
  • Other backend improvements.

EKlecticCoreV4™ Prior Releases

Here's a brief history of all prior releases that lead to EKlecticCoreV4™:

  • V4: Developed 2021-2022: Added several indicators, and performanced massive review and "polish" of entire codebase. Finalized Universal Strategy for public release, and removed all indicator-specific releases.
  • V3: Developed in 2019, Added a few indicators, and second version of Universal Strategy.
  • V2: Developed in 2018. Created base indicator and strategy code as a foundation for future development. Added several new indicators and related strategies. Created first version of Universal Strategy.
  • V1: Developed in 2017. Included about a half-dozen indicators, and separate strategies for each.